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Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey was at TEKNOFEST 2020

2 OCTOBER 2020

The world's largest Aerospace and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST 2020, whose objective is to increase the trained human resources in the fields of science and engineering in Turkey, was organized in Gaziantep and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey participated to the event for the first time. More than 100 thousand competitors applied to the event this year. TARNET, the technology company of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey, left its mark on TEKNOFEST 2020 with the projects it exhibited.

TEKNOFEST 2020 aims at making a “Move of National Technology” and transforming Turkey into a technology producing society. Organized jointly by the Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3) and the Ministry  of Industry and Technology, TEKNOFEST 2020 host many events and competitions in 21 categories which around 5 thousand finalists competed. TARNET, subsidiary of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey, presented the systems it has developed for farmers to use in ploughing, sowing, and spraying with tractors at TEKNOFEST 2020.

Ideas that bring agriculture and technology together

The finalists of many competitions organized within the scope of TEKNOFEST 2020 had the opportunity to introduce their projects at the festival. Out of 763 applications submitted to the Agricultural Technologies competition organized by TARNET, 32 teams that made it to the final showcased their skills. Finalists tried to find solutions to the problems experienced in the production process by bringing agriculture and technology together.

The Ragribot Team won the first place in the Agricultural Technology Competition. The Ragribot team, which won the competition with its "Mobile Application Controlled Agricultural Robot" project, received its award from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The Algan Teknoloji team took the second place with the "Remote Controlled Harvesting Machine" developed for harvesting tea whilethe BTUSECT team ranked third in the competition.

Technology for efficiency and saving in agriculture

Director General of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey Dr. Fahrettin Poyraz thanked the The President, Ministers, and bureaucrats who visited the Agricultural Technology Competition Field, the organizers, partner organizations, volunteers, competitors and visitors for the event and said that they were satisfied with the interest shown to the competition. "Our main goal is to create awareness in agricultural technologies, that is, to direct young people to this field in some way.”

Cost will decrease and efficiency will increase with ZİHA

Poyraz pointed out that, as Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey, they have developed projects to increase productivity in agriculture and offer the facilities provided by technology to Agricultural Credit members,  and he said, “In today's world, technology is used intensely every day. Especially in agricultural production, productivity came to the fore. Using high-tech products provides significant advantages in reducing costs. We also conducted a study with ZİHA (Agricultural Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to create an alternative to the traditional methods of spraying agrochemicals, to reduce costs. With ZİHA, we reduce the time by a quarter compared to traditional methods. We carried out an intensive work on paddy fields with ZİHA from May to the end of July, and we saw that it is very useful in agrochemicals. It has saved almost 50 percent on agrochemicals.” Dr Poyraz also stressed the imortance of the use of ZİHAs for human health, explaining “When you spray with a tractor or by hand, the pesticides can also harm human health. Our project is a great advantage in terms of human health, because the machine makes spraying completely. It eliminates human exposure to pesticides. Another feature is that it reduces water consumption by 10 percent. In traditional methods, you have to mix the pesticide with water. Also, spraying with a tractor causes 5 percent of product loss in the field. This is an important rate. If we take only paddy production in Turkey, there will be an annual advantage of 75 millon Turkish lira thanks to ZİHA.

Farmer will drive tractor according to satellite data

TARKİP, another innovation of the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives in the field of technology, also attracted great attention in TEKNOFEST 2020. The manual steering system, whose goal is to make use of satellite data for tractor use in the field, aims to reduce input costs of farmers.

TARNET General Manager Huzeyfe Yılmaz gave information about the project, “The manual steering system we have prepared will include our Real Time Kinematic (RTK) device in the field. This system communicates with 189 satellites, the areas determined in the field can be brought to the level of centimeters. There are foreign products in this field, this is a first in Turkey. We aim to become autonomous by the end of this year.”

Reminding that they have carried out many studies on agricultural technologies as TARNET, Yılmaz said that farmers have input costs such as fertilization, seeding, spraying, energy, labor and fuel in agricultural production and TARNET will provide farmers with serious advantages when they reduce these input costs.