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TARKIP Satellite Farmland Tracking System


Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey has taken another step for digital transformation which was initiated to increase productivity and  reduce the cost and risk in agriculture. Agricultural Credit Cooperatives’ members will be able to track their land on their mobile devices through the mobile application called TARKİP (Satellite Farmland Tracking System).

In addition to meeting the agricultural input needs of its members, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives continues to develop projects that increase productivity. Thanks to TARKİP developed by the Agricultural Credit Department of Information Technologies, the development and health, water, stress, illness and medication status of crops in the field can be followed on the map.

The Satellite Farmland Tracking System allows our farmers to instantly monitor their land and crops via their phones. While they can reach up-to-date information on the development, health and yield of their crops, they can also view the advisories on agricultural risks to be obtained on the satellite map.

With the application, an agricultural geographic data structure, which will serve as a source for future studies, was created by using artificial intelligence aided remote sensing technologies as well as the decision support system that will facilitate farmers' production.