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Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey, together with its employees, aims to contribute to its members’ production by providing all kinds of needs for their agricultural activities, to cooperate within the framework of cooperative principles and to serve Turkish agriculture and economy.

Our farmers are our priority.

Our first priority is to meet the agricultural input needs of our farmers as well as their expectations with quality and stability. It is our duty to protect our member farmers and stand by them all the time.

Always "doing the best" is our working principle.

Our main goal is to have a good image in the public and do the best in the services we render to our members, in our relations with regional unions, cooperatives, subsidiary companies and other institutions. It is our fundamental principle to be the leader of our farmers in order to achieve this goal...

Our goal is to find resources for continuous development.

In order to ensure the continuity of our services, to make the necessary investments, to provide our farmers with credit resources, to help economic and social development of our employees and the society, it is one of our priciples to take a firm stand on extravagance by using all resources rationally.

Work ethic and honest business practices are our most important principles.

It is our principle to act in a fair manner in all our relationships and to comply with the laws and moral rules at all times. Being honest in every work we do is another fundamental principle that is indispensable to us.

Strengthening Turkish agriculture from which we take our strength is our aim.

It is our main duty and goal to strengthen Turkish agriculture through the services we render to our members.